This book is a practical hands on guide to understand how digital protective relays are used in power systems. It explains the theory of how the protective relays work, provides the engineering knowledge and tools to successfully implement relay models using a software tool MERIT2016, and offers expert insight on how the relay models behave in practical circumstances. This book helps readers gain technical mastery of how the relays function, how they are designed and how they perform.

To access the MERIT2016 software and user manual, you need to register/log in to the website and proceed with downloading them. Registration and downloads are free of charge, but are only allowed for the individuals that have registered.

You can also download the software, which requires you to have one of the following versions of Matlab installed: R2015a, R2015b, R2016a.

You will also find a Berkeley 2-clause license that you need to accept in order to use the Manual and software. This is a standard open-source license that enables free use of the software for non-commercial purposes.  Any enhancements can be sent back to design team for inclusion in the future book, manual and software revisions.

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The authors:
Mladen Kezunovic, Ph.D.
Jinfeng Ren, Ph.D.
Saeed Lotfifard, Ph.D.